Projects Executed

  • 75kW Regenerative VFD panel for Servo motor Test bench at Mark.
  • 6 Axis design M/C for Gold Bangles.
  • 2 Axis Circular saw M/C for metal Bar cutting for Zeal Tech.
  • Hira solution 2 Axis Between shaft OD turning M/C for motor shaft.
  • Electromech 30T / 32 M/Min Tandem crane synchronization with PLC.
  • PLC based Export Spray dryer process plant for NEW AVM.
  • PLC Automatic welding M/C with ABB robots for Affordable robotics.
  • PLC and PID based Automatic wave soldering M/C for EMS Technology.
  • PLC & SCADA based Hollow Bomb Shell testing and Gauging M/C for Task precision.
  • Servo based automatic stretch Blow molding M/C for Technopet.
  • Servo based Gearbox testing M/C for Piagio through Shree System.
  • 45kW Servo based Gearbox testing M/C for Mahindra through Shree sys.
  • 8 VFD based Roof liner M/C for Supreme Treves through Topwell.
  • PLC & HMI based Loom needling M/C for Supreme Treves through Topwell.
  • Servo based Vertical Form Fill Seal M/C for solid packaging.
  • Servo based Hybrid solution for Hydraulic Plastic Injection M/C.
  • Servo based Thread checking M/C for M J Woods.
  • SCADA and PLC based Stone crushing M/C for Mecon.
  • PLC and stepper based Precise OD Grinding M/C for Fairfield through Shreekrupa.
  • Shock absorber Spinning M/C for Endurance through Yash System.
  • Servo based rotor correction M/C for Bosch through Yash System.
  • Servo based Traversing Printing M/C for metal tubes for export.
  • PLC based HVAC system in Dubai for paper industry through Mecon.
  • And many more ……..

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